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To participate in YFKA yield farming, you must exchange one of the above tokens for YFKA in the presale or on the secondary market.

Yield Farming Known as Ash

A new twist on the popular DeFi trend by Bill Drummond
Named after the Artist Formerly Known as Prince because scammers took the original name.

Yield Farming, Evolved

Most of the recent yield farming projects have failed in a spectacular disaster because they were never sustainable to begin with. Most of them turned out to be rugs. We fixed this by creating an innovative 'fixed rate emission decay' system that incentivizes stakers to keep their coins staked.

What this means is that every staker has their own emission rate. When they add liquidity tokens to the YFKA contract, they lock in the current global emission rate. The emission rate dictates how much YFKA they are minted per block when they decide to withdraw. However, whenever anyone tries to withdraw or unstake, the global emission rate decreases and that person now locks in the lower global emission rate.

What this means is that people who stake early get the best emission rates of YFKA. Those that keep their stake untouched maintain their good emission rates. Once you lose an emission rate, the global emission rate will never be that high again. The supply is deflating at all times.

Read up on a rough draft of the spec here:

Participate in the Presale

To prevent early whales, we worked with the community to determine that a presale is the most fair route. The exchange rates of XAMP, TOB, and BOA are fixed, which means that you have enough time to participate without worrying about being out competed. After the presale, the initial supply minted will be the 'core' supply with a smaller fraction of supply being introduced via yield farming. We will provide the analysis of this following the presale which will last about one to two weeks.

To participate, connect your Metamask wallet and select the amount of tokens you'd like to sell for YFKA.

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Swap XAMP for YFKA


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Swap TOB for YFKA


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Having issues with the forms? 

There are several steps you will need to take in order to purchase some YFKA from Etherscan.

1. You must approve the amount of XAMP, TOB, and/or BOA that you wish to sell to the YFKA contract. This can be done under the "Write Contract" page of each Burn The State token.

For TOB:
For BOA:

2. Paste the YFKA address to the "spender" field (0x4086692d53262b2be0b13909d804f0491ff6ec3e), and the amount of the token you want to send in the value field. Don't forget to take into account decimal points for the "value" field, if a token has 18 decimals for example and you want to send 1 of that token, you will put 1000000000000000000 in the value field. If it has 9 decimals (like XAMP) 1 token would be 1000000000 in the value field. 

3. Now that you've approved, you must write the amount of your BTS that you want to use to purchase YFKA. Remember to put in the decimal-point adjusted value that you used in step 2. You can buy your YFKA by swapping your BTS token here: